Behaviour Consultation

Do you feel like owning your dog is more of a chore than a pleasure?

Are you finding yourself avoiding dogs, people or situations?

Does your dog eat people and snack on dogs?

In The Dog House Dog Training & Behaviour Centre is at the forefront of treating behaviour problems rather than simply treating the symptoms.
Meeting both owners and dogs allows us to ask the necessary questions, assess the dogs behaviour and create a tailor made training plan to suit your dogs needs and your circumstances.
The majority of cases are seen at your home or issue location, or you’re welcome at the ITDH Pet Lodge in Almogia near Malaga.
Our Head Behaviourist has the experience of owning a ‘problem dog’ so we know personally how stressful it can be. Having tried various dog training methods we now have the best techniques to start making things right for you again.
Dog behaviour can be challenging but with the right training,  things will start looking up!
Rehabilitation is a process not an event!

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