Behaviour Adjustment Training

Behaviour Modification – build your dogs confidence using positive reinforcement!

Do you have a dog with problems? Maybe scared, grumpy, or even frustrated?

Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) was developed by Grisha Stewart. It is used to help dogs with fear, aggression and frustration issues. 

There are two key features to BAT:

  1. Learning new leash skills and setting up the environment to enable your dog to succeed
  2. For your dog to be able to get it right and practice calm, desired behaviours in the presence of a trigger -something that previously caused them to become reactive.


When teaching a dog new skills it is imperative they do not get to practice unwanted behaviours. 

BAT focuses on your dog staying below threshold (not reacting in a negative way to their trigger).  Through desensitisation, your dog can learn that they don´t have to be reactive when they see something that they don’t like.  It teaches them to be able to think for themselves and make good choices.  This is important as we are not going to be by their side every step of the way to guide them.

BAT will help you and your dog gain confidence and show you how to deal with situations in every day life when life throws a curve ball at you.  You will learn how to read your dogs body language and understand more what your dog is trying to tell you which is essential in any behaviour modification plan.



In the Doghouse are proud to have on board Natalie Osborne – the only Certified BAT Instructor along the Costa Del Sol!

Trying to choose a trainer for your dog can be overwhelming. Dog training is not a licensed profession in most countries which leaves a gap in quality control.

The landscape is filled with jargon that the average pet owner doesn’t understand, making it challenging to identify a qualified professional.

Hiring the wrong trainer can waste time and money and possibly even make your dog’s behaviour worse.

When you have a dog that is showing fear or aggression, you don’t have time to make mistakes.

The best way to find the right trainer is to hire a Certified BAT Instructor such as Natalie who is caring, committed, & a uniquely skilled professional who will give you the tools to bring safety and relaxation to your family. 

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