Residential Training

Do you want some extra training for your dog?  Can’t invest the time at the moment?  Going away and sending your dog in for his holiday?  Why not send them in for Residential Boot Camp?!

Look for a Dog Training Near Me and have the team devise an individual intensive and specialized training plan for your dog and put the essentials in place.  Have a better chance of living with a dog that can go with you anywhere, respond to you and have great doggy manners!

Our Dog Boot Camp, is a unique program designed to put your pup on the fast track to better behavior and improved obedience. Dog Boot Camp involves daily training for your dog during the entire length of their stay and takes place in one of our highly-qualified trainers’ homes.  We also offer a combination of In-Home training and our Board and Train, which is meant to grow with your dog over an entire year.

Instead of one hour group classes that are often ineffective, our Dog Boot Camp is a customized program to correct behavioral issues over the long-term. Our experienced trainers help hundreds of dogs every year—each exhibiting different personalities and traits. All training techniques used are via positive reinforcement – rewarding for desired behaviour and not rewarded for unwanted behaviours. At no time are harsh methods used – we look to make it fun and rewarding for the dog = they will WANT to do the things they are learning more !



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