IMDT Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation

Theory and live practical demonstrations

The number one major problem presented by owners to today’s Dog Trainers & Behaviourists

This course is for anyone working with dogs in any capacity including; dog trainers, behaviourists, rescue staff, veterinary professionals and anyone interested in canine behaviour.

This course is a combination of both presentations AND practical case studies & demonstrations, including valuable consultation video playback and analysis

You will study not only what is aggression, bust also the valuable tools required for effective and safe rehabilitation

  • what is aggression
  • motivation
  • physiological signs
  • labels
  • rehabilitation
  • extensive video analysis
  • our tools
  • handler styles
  • practical demonstration
  • the process: start to finish


Next course in Malaga, Spain:  3rd June 2018      


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Author: Donna

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