Day Training

What is Day Training?

Your dog is trained in your home by us, whilst you are at work. We can train your dog for an hour, on a day and time that suits you.
Our Day Training sessions can be purchased in blocks of 5 hours at a time.


What are the benefits of Day Training?

• Breaks up your dogs day if you are out for extended periods
• The dog is trained in your absence, saving you time
• A certified dog trainer will get results quicker than yourself
• You come home to a happy and tired dog!


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  1. Hi, I would like to book some day training for my French Bulldog puppies.

    They are 5 months old (sisters) and recently become very aggressive over food, every time I feed them they try and fight each other.

    Is it best to oraginsie the training in my home, or bring them to you?

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    • Hi, well done for taking a step in the right direction! Please email us either through the link or so we can arrange a 121 with you in the first instance? Many thanks

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