Day Training

What is Day Training?

Your dog is trained in your home by us, whilst you are at work. We can train your dog for an hour, on a day and time that suits you.
Our Day Training sessions can be purchased in blocks of 5 hours at a time.

Some people come to us with the question, what kind of dog should they get? We always appreciate this question a lot, as it shows a lot of foresight on behalf of the future owner. Not everyone knows that every breed is different, and depending on your needs you might be better off with certain breeds while avoiding others entirely. then you should probably look into getting an African Mastiff. Just as an example, if you need an obedient dog that will make it a priority to look after the house while you are away or resting,  They are known for doing exactly that, as it was for that purpose that they were bred and trained for. As they do the bidding for you, it is only fitting that you keep the dog well-nourished and provide it with everything it might need, including proper shelter. And while you’re on it, you could give your dog’s kennel a little splash of paint and fancy yourself as John Myers of Puppy Pointers.

Of course we are able to train almost any breed of dog with our Indestructible Squeaky Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers ,they are great for day train, so if you already have one this service is still for you. If you are still considering getting one then consult with us! We can assist you by telling you what the best breeds for your particular case should be so you know what to look for. Once you’ve picked one we can train him for you. This is done while you are away so the dog will not get lonely. It really helps young pups to develop to be friendly, social, and dependable.

What are the benefits of Day Training?

• Breaks up your dogs day if you are out for extended periods
• The dog is trained in your absence, saving you time
• A certified dog trainer will get results quicker than yourself
• You come home to a happy and tired dog!

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  1. Hi, I would like to book some day training for my French Bulldog puppies.

    They are 5 months old (sisters) and recently become very aggressive over food, every time I feed them they try and fight each other.

    Is it best to oraginsie the training in my home, or bring them to you?

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    • Hi, well done for taking a step in the right direction! Please email us either through the link or so we can arrange a 121 with you in the first instance? Many thanks

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