How to use a Rattle Bottle

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  1. Nice video, but please stop swaying from side to side…makes me dizzy…lol. Totally agree, you don’t want your pup to be afraid of you. Positive training is most definitely the way to go.

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  2. Thanks for the great video, I agree that startling a dog into compliance is just plain lazy..I use sit as my go to command. There are at least 100 things my dogs can’t do when they are sitting. To end excessive barking I simply put the barking on cue by teaching them to speak and be quiet.

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  3. My 19month shin tzu has started biting me and my partner when we walk passed him, its not all the time but often.nothing has happened to him it’s just come on suddenly,its more my partner than me.he bites when we pick him up but we got no option as he’s prettified of steps and stairs.I’ve started eye to eye contact but its early days.will a rattle bottle make things worse.I’m at my wits end, I love him to the moon and back and will try anything to correct his behaviour, he also allows people into the home but won’t let them out.?

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    • Hi, please advise where you are and an email then we can have someone get in touch

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