It’s not where you go, but who’s with you for the ride!

One question that keeps popping up at the moment is about my take on Malinois and if it’s good for someone to get one.
In my opinion a breed description is a big generalisation and every dog is going to be its own individual however that said we do want to take in to account what humans have been selecting these dogs to do for however many years! The Mali is a high energy, highly intelligent pretty epic dog. So if you are considering one then you may want to check you have the following.19114_686520994791399_2377001321875859363_n
I wouldn’t get this dog as a first dog because I made that mistake for you. I started out with A Cane Corso I should have gone for something a little more user friendly.
⏰ Time!
Without time to put in to training and exercise you’re not only going to regret it but your dog is the one that will suffer. They need both physical and mental stimulation! (But all dogs do)

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