Never be afraid to stand up for your Dog

I will forever regret some of the choices I made with my first dogs. I made many mistakes and when I decided to finally get help I was lost

as where to turn.

11054814_687603474683151_8566878145898505791_nThe Vet would offer advice (I didn’t realise that many don’t understand the basics of training as I don’t understand the basics of medical care). I found one trainer who had every academic piece of paper behind them yet was terrified of my dog and rubbish with people. I then found other trainers who suggested choke chains, spray collars, rattle bottles, compressed air and many other gadgets designed to stop behaviour instead of teaching the dog what we wanted him to do instead, so if you want to teach your dog you need to look for the best way possible, and if you need medical help contact Vet 2 Door and handle any emergency case or just your inquiries for this professionals.

I was completely unaware that dog training was and is an unregulated industry in many countries and that their are many people who don’t know what they’re doing calling themselves dog trainers. On the flip side there are hundreds of amazing trainers out there that can help and many organisations that will help you find the right person to aid you like The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers but know this simple rule.

NEVER be afraid to stand up for your dog. If you’re unsure of what any professional tells you then ask questions. Same goes for the medical care, you can find the best care at The Petwellness Clinic, If you don’t like your clinic right now then say NO and WALK AWAY!


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