Room Service Menu

For those that want that to spoil their dogs just that little bit more!
~ Swimming ~
We will take your precious pooch down to the Casasola Reservoir for a delightful cool down in the lake. If your dog doesn’t swim they can paddle in the more shallow waters of the streams or we can give them their first lesson in keeping their head above water.
Great for the blazing heat of the summer, only €5 per session
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~ Hiking ~
Early morning or evening before the sun is at its hottest we can explore the surrounding mountains, take in the lovely views and let the dogs sniff until their heart (and nose) are content. Great for the dogs that need to lose a few pounds & shake off some pent up energy, only €5 per hike

~  Socialisation & Play time ~
If your dog likes the company of other canine playmates we can assess him to find a suitable playmate or two. They will spend an hour fully supervised by one of our staff appropriately meeting new friends in our doggy playground. Another great way to ensure their holiday is as good as yours! Only €5 per session

~ Extra 30 minute walk ~
Although the dogs are never short of getting out of the Pet Lodge environment we can spoil your dog with an extra 30 minute off site walk. Getting some personal 1 on 1 time with a member of the team is just €5 per session

~ Clicker Sessions ~
Have one of our team spend some extra time polishing up on a behaviour you want to work on while they’re with us (this is not intensive residential training but does take advantage of extra time and skill spent solely with your dog by one of the Doghouse trainers), only €7 per session
~ Day Trips ~
 Only for the most extravagant of pooches.  Why not really spoil your dog and let him experience a great day out,  including time out and about with our own dogs, house time (cuddles on the sofa included),  lunch at a cafe where they can relax in the shade while chewing on a stuffed Kong with either fresh fish or meat mix. A town walk where they can experience the local residents both human and canine & even a trip to the reservoir where they can paddle or swim and a full hour of socialisation and playtime included as appropriate!!
After a day like that they will be ready to only dream about chewing up your slippers but no need to worry because we will give them a large good quality chew instead. Only €15 (with photos on our Facebook page)

You can book as many extras as you like and we will use them throughout your dogs stay.