Rookie Rankings

You too can be part of the Doghouse Trick Dogs!! It is possible to apply for your title via video application.

Only €25 per application! Remember ALL tricks must be trained Force Free or the title is no longer valid! Send all applications to – upload them to youtube and send the link!

Make sure you include your email address, your postal address and both you and your dogs names.

Paypal payments to or contact us for bank transfer details.

The following teams have achieved the following success!

Aaron Shiloh Scotland
Alicia Bratby Gus England
Andrea O’Donnell Mia Ireland
Anja Rensen Cody Holland
Anne Lenahan Hudson Daisy Ireland
Barbara McDonald Legend New Zealand
Bridget Jamieson Floyd England
Chris Dallender-Jones Floss England
Connor Mason Scotland
Corinne Dziuba Reo Canada
Darina Strong Milo Ireland
David Hadley Jellybean England
David Hadley Scooby England
Dawn Heaton Teddy England
Dean Nicholas Sidney England
Emma Hales Toby England
Gaby Visser Orio Holland
Geraldine Martin Beauty Ireland
Georgie Arguris Gypsy England
Gordon Lacey Scotland
Hannah McMillan Bigby Wolf England
Hannah McMillan Fsmo England
Hannah McMillan Io England
Heather Schneider Emma Canada
Heather Witty Tabby England
Imogen Woodman Rumpelstiltskin England
Jenny Rawstorne Tigger England
Jo Malherbe Clyde Ireland
Jo Malherbe Mr Darcy Ireland
JP Charlie Scotland
Julie Oldfield Lottie England
Kate Smith Jedi Australia
Kathleen Tepperies Bea England
Kathleen Tepperies Rebel England
Kelly Steel Jack England
Kevin Feaver Fidget England
Leeda Daly Monkey England
Lindsay Arliss Buzz England
Lisa Wheelan Jim England
Louise Feaheny Cailín Spain
Michelle Dart Logan England
Monika Ghita Thor Ireland
Odette Pidcock Muttley Sussex Tricksters England
Rebekah Day Meeko England
Rhys Ripley Scotland
Rob Staves Maja England
Samantha Plume Poppy England
Sarah Hedderly Ding England
Sue Mepham Jenna England
Zoe Hastings Millie England
Zoe Le Carpentier Mosca England
Zoe Le Carpentier Pelucchi England

Author: Donna

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  1. Hi Donna
    Would love to start Fane on the first level of the trick dog training.i don’t think I am looking in the right place for what he needs to do . Can you help please he would be the first level

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