Trick Dog Titles

This is a great way to deepen the bond between you and your dog, show off to your friends or if you just want to do more with your dog!


We will be working through the Doghouse Trick Dog Titles that allow you to display your dogs achievements after their name.  We have titles for single dog & human teams plus multiple dog teams too!!
UD = Uber Dude 12 behaviours needed – single dog
~ crawl
~ fetch your lead
~ give paw
~ take a bow
~ guilty
~ hand signals (3 behaviours)
~ hoop jump
~ target stick
~ leave it
~ paws up
~ peek-a-boo
~ which hand
~ push ups
~ speak!
~ spin
~ twist
Cross Paws!

Cross Paws!



TDN = Trick Dog Ninja 12 needed – single dog
~ Send around
~ 5 Second hold
~ Figure 8’s
~ Roll Over
~ Hop on (Cop Cop)
~ Hand Signals (6    behaviours)
~ Paws up on your arm
~ Sustained chin target ~ Balance & catch
~ Beg
~ On the mat
~ Push a ball (soccer/football)
~ Cross your paws
take your training to the next level

take your training to the next level

TDG = Trick Dog Guru 10 needed – single dog
~ Go hide
~ Play dead
~ Turn off the lights      
~ Skateboard pooch
~ The Can Can (chorus kicks)
~ Distance work (3 behaviours of your choice 10 feet away from you )
~ Sleepy (retrieve a cushion & rest head on it or retrieve cushion & hide head underneath)
~ Down, proper down & switch (dog must settle into down on one hip then switch to other on cue)    
~ My dog can read
~ Push a trolley
~ Say your prayers    
~ Back up
Pondering our next move

Pondering our next move

UTD = Ultimate Trick Dog 8 tricks needed –  single dog
~ Cover your eyes
~ Limp
~ Somersault
~ Sneeze
~ Tidy up toys – minimum 5 toys
~ Distance work (6 behaviours of your choice 12 feet away from you)
~ Leg cocking – pee like a boy
~ Take off my socks
~ Shake
~ Open & close the cabinet
~ Rewind – backward circles around you
GMTD= Grand Master Trick Dog – single dog
To achieve the GMTD title you must choreograph and perform your very own display! It can be filmed in the grandest theatre or in the privacy of your own home but what we are looking for is imagination, we need to see at least 10 tricks from the criteria and an extra 5 NOT from the criteria of the other levels.
There are 2 levels of pass…If you can gain an EPIC PASS then you have been recognised for extra creativity and difficulty in your new tricks!
Maybe try putting your routine to music or acting out a few scenes from your favourite movie? Costumes on humans are great but if you want to dress your dog up make sure they are a willing, it may work against you if your dog looks stressed. It is your responsibility to make sure that the behaviours and tricks you are teaching are fun for you AND the dog! We will be looking at the difficulty of your tricks however please bear in mind that not all tricks are suitable for all dogs!
TDW = Trick Dog Warriors  10 behaviours needed – more than 1 dog challenge!
Pick any 10 tricks from the UD, TDN, TDG or UTD titles and you must use more than 1 dog for your video!
Ideal for households with several dogs, or where some dogs can / can’t achieve a particular trick so it’s a group effort


GG = Gladiator Gang  10 behaviours needed – more than 1 dog & human challenge!
Pick any 10 tricks from the UD & TDN titles and you must use more than 1 dog & more than 1 human for your video!
Minimum of 3 dogs & humans.
Ideal for a class type environment
*Extra certificates available per handler/dog at €5 each or 1 group certificate will be issued for the team



  •  Each behaviour must be demonstrated three times.
  •  The behaviour should be on cue.  Your cue may be visual (hand signal or object) or verbal.
  • A video demonstrating the final behaviour, on cue, must be uploaded to YouTube for assessment.  All behaviours for assessment should be edited into one video.  The behaviours do not have to be performed on the same day.
  • Behaviours must consistent in quality.
  • Behaviours may be re-cued if necessary, but errors must be dealt with to support your learner’s needs.
  • Any behaviour that is not adequately demonstrated may need to be repeated.  This is at the discretion of the assessor.
  • All behaviours must be trained force-free.
  • €25 per submission
  • Send submissions & Paypal payment to or get in touch for alternatives




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