Trick Dog Ninja Rankings

You too can be part of the Doghouse Trick Dogs!! It is possible to apply for your title via video application.

Only €25 per application! Remember ALL tricks must be trained Force Free or the title is no longer valid! Send all applications to – upload them to youtube and send the link!

Make sure you include your email address, your postal address and both you and your dogs names.

Paypal payments to or contact us for bank transfer details.


The following teams have achieved the following success!


Adrienne Critchlow Kip England
Ali Yeo Lupin England
Alison Binnall Fidget Midget England
Alison Carpenter Loki England
Alison Poulter Jive England
Alison Poulter Tia England
Amy O’Toole Poppy England
Ana Kota Croatia
Ana Odak Rhapsody Y Croatia
Andrew George Olly England
Anja Rensen Kari Netherlands
Angelika Nagel Emmely Germany
Ann Dijkstra Axis Holland
Anne Murray Arrow England
Anneke Freudenberger Felix Germany
Anneke Freudenberger Fee Germany
Anneke Freudenberger Lena Germany
Barbara McDonald Legend New Zealand
Beverley Head Rogue England
Boukje Scholten Sara Holland
Bridget Jamieson Daisy England
Britta Kalff Elfe Germany
Bryony Neve Gus England
Cheryl Churton Bella England
Chris Dallender-Jones Meg England
Christina Cass Skye Scotland
Ciara D’Arcy Oscar Ireland
Corinne Dziuba Timber Canada
Darija Sesto Oliva Miss Priss Croatia
David Hadley Scooby England
Dawn Heaton Breeze England
Dawn Heaton Cooper England
Dean Nicholas Sidney England
Denise Price Mabel England
Eileen Toye Ivy Ireland
Ellen Kristine Bahr Freya Norway
Emma Burt Lucy England
Erna Berendsen Layka Netherlands
Francine Devries Nandia Holland
Gemma Pound Cookie England
Haike Witjes Indy Netherlands
Heather Leigh Cara England
Heather Schneider Emma Canada
Heather Witty Gusto England
Hol Thomas Windy Wales
Iris Verschuuren Balvi Netherlands
Iris Verschuuren Joddes Netherlands
Jamie Pound Frankie England
Jasmine Molloy Maya England
Jeanine Vermeulen Raff Netherlands
Jenny Rawstorne Midge England
Joanne Tomlinson Hope England
Jo Simmons Lilly England
Julea Davies Scooby Spain
Karen Fox-Williams Basil England
Kassie Woods Archie England
Kate Ellis Alfie England
Kathleen Tepperies Bea England
Kathleen Tepperies Brandy England
Kathleen Tepperies Max England
Kathleen Tepperies Rebel England
Kelly Steel Jack England
Kim Kaye Bellatrix England
Leonie Hilverink Willem Holland
Lou Holden Scout England
Louise Wilson Betty England
Lussan Aronsson Bajazz Norway
Lyn Ridley George England
Malcolm Donald Harvey England
Marijke de Nier Tango Spain
Marielle Dillema Senna Holland
Marielle Hagen Turbo Holland
Marjan Koster Vera Holland
Melanie Sharing Rosie England
Mel Thomason Glen England
Melanie Wright Jazz England
Michelle Dart Logan England
Michelle Underwood Lucy England
Natasha Wizard England
Nathalie Klaassen Jazz Holland
Nicola Collinson Mayer England
Nicola Smith Jenson England
Nix Barrett Skip England
Odette Pidcock Hippo England
Rachel Whiting Milo England
Renn Meuwissen Ocean USA
Samantha Plume Poppy England
Sanne Sikkers Nala Holland
Sarah Hedderley Ding England
Sarah Hedderley Mini Paws England
Sharon E Pointeer Zerin England
Steph Stone Freya USA
Sue Morphy Dash England
Sue Morphy Racer England
Tania Carron Jessie Ireland
Taryn Blyth Cruz South Africa
Taryn Blyth Rosie South Africa
Tracie Ryan Cookie Bear England
Veronika Spinkova Indy England
Vicci McCarthy Toby England
Vicky Fletcher Miya England
Wendy Coersen Jip Holland
Wendy Coersen Luuk Holland
Wendy Coersen Mike Holland
Wendy Coersen Mindy Holland
Yolanda Nuberg Jessie New Zealand
Zrinka Bojanic Rava Croatia




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