Trick Dog Ninja

TDN = Trick Dog Ninja

The second level to be achieved from the single dog category – you must have gained Uber Dude first.

12 needed – single dog
  •  Send Around
  • Wave
  • Que? (Head Cock)
  • 5 Second Hold
  • Figure 8’s
  • Roll Over
  • Hop On (Cop Cop)
  • Hand Signals (6 Behaviours sequentially)
  • Paws Up On Your Arm
  • Sustained Chin Target
  • Balance & Catch
  • Beg
  • On The Mat
  •  Push A Ball
  • Cross Your Paws




  •  Each behaviour must be demonstrated three times.
  •  The behaviour should be on cue – not lured.  Your cue may be visual (hand signal or object) or verbal.
  • A video demonstrating the final behaviour, on cue, must be uploaded to YouTube for assessment (no more than 7 mins & with the trick titles inserted).
    • If there is a soundtrack, please mute the music when demonstrating your Hand Signals to show no verbal cues are used
  • All behaviours for assessment should be edited into one video with the handler visible.  The behaviours do not have to be performed on the same day.
  • Behaviours must be consistent in quality.
  • A minimum 3 second pause is required for any behaviour with a pause in the trick: example (but not limited to) Paws Up * exception 5 Sec Hold
  • Behaviours may be re-cued if necessary, but errors must be dealt with to support your learner’s needs.
  • Any behaviour that is not adequately demonstrated may need to be repeated.  This is at the discretion of the assessor.
  • All behaviours must be trained force-free.
  • €25 per submission
  • Send submissions & Paypal payment to or get in touch for alternatives (please include handler & dogs name, as well as address)

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